The Program Director should have a strong interest in entrepreneurship, startups, technology, venture capital, business development, and work to have their fingers on the pulse of what is happening in and outside of the Mobile-area startup community.

Success in this position will be manifested through the development and maintenance of an efficient process for sourcing companies along with coordinating, managing, and providing startup coaching to both individual startups and cohorts. 

Core Duties

  • Provide direct coaching and advisory assistance to early-stage companies during early-stage programs, specifically our Discover and Navigate sessions, as well as follow-on programming, to help startups develop meaningful initial traction
    • Determine weekly metrics to measure company progress
    • Establish/manage delivery of value driving priorities and related milestones
    • Track company progress and ensure timely reporting of milestones and metrics by company
    • Facilitate stage and industry appropriate connections within The Innovation Portal network and broader startup community
  • Support program design and development 
  • Help design and implement programing to engage early-stage program alumni and help them matriculate through Innovation Portal programing or access other resources within the startup community. 
  • Develop and cultivate the network of highly engaged stakeholders related to company sourcing and company facing resources and maintain in CRM
  • Identify and track promising early-stage companies and develop and maintain a pipeline of entrepreneurs for Innovation Portal programming across stages
  • Research promising entrepreneurs in other markets and opportunities to engage them in the South Alabama startup community
  • Maintain “exceptionally high” brand standards related to mentor and stakeholder engagement critical to developing a highly engaged and growing network
  • Alongside the Innovation Portal team (board, mentors, and staff), support the evaluation of individuals and companies for selection into programs offered through Innovation Portal
  • Work with the Innovation Portal Team to provide companies access to a wide range of resources as needed to help successfully achieve milestones
  • Manage program calendar and assist with scheduling as needed

Program Reporting

  • Manage follow up and track progress for participating companies
  • Track all mentor and staff hours and participation for program
  • Support for follow-up, reporting, and post-program communication on coordinated programs
  • Facilitate the collection of program success data and create post-program impact and organizational continuous improvement report
  • Support reporting to grant funders, including quarterly impact and activity reports for managed programs
  • Manage, track and prepare reports on managed program expenses

Other Duties

  • Research and stay up to date on accelerator/mentor best practices and identify thought leaders in select entrepreneurship, leadership, venture and funding topics
  • Share new best practices with the team as you identify areas for innovation and improvement
  • Assist in development and implementation of marketing and promotions plans for program
  • Attend Mobile-area startup community events
  • Support administrative tasks as needed
  • Recruit and manage interns supporting programs, as directed  
  • Assist with organization-wide events
  • Other duties as assigned



  • Bachelor’s degree in related field required
  • Master’s degree preferred
  • Proven track record working in or with growth-oriented startups
  • Proven experience in product/software development, marketing, business development, entrepreneurship, or related program management role
  • Demonstrated ability to coach and provide direct value to startup founders
    • Ability to see the larger strategic picture, absorb large amounts of data, draw out key findings and insights and quickly synthesize thoughts in easy to follow, logical and coherent manner
    • Ability to coach, mentor, and advise entrepreneurs from relevant experience
    • Ability to manage multiple companies and manage time across them
    • Ability to hold people accountable
  • Familiarity with database systems and ability to organize pipeline
  • Working knowledge of entrepreneur community inside and outside of Mobile-area 
  • Proven ability to create connections and relationships with a variety of potential contributors
  • Ability to clearly articulate the value proposition for entrepreneurs of the organization
  • Detail oriented and highly organized
  • Demonstrated ability to keep large groups of people organized and on task
  • Customer service oriented with a relentlessly positive attitude
  • May require some travel 


Organizational Environment

  • The team is startup in nature, which requires you to move quickly, and that all staff to be flexible and operate well in teams
  • Expected to work independently and be given significant responsibility
  • Able to keep, maintain, and coordinate multiple schedules and projects


Benefits and Compensation

  • Compensation commensurate with experience
  • Deep exposure to top caliber entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, and corporate partners

Job Type: Full-time


  • Health insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Vision insurance
  • Retirement plan
  • Paid time off
  • Flexible schedule

Our Values

  • Bring the Fun with the Hard Work
    As an organization, hard work is valued, but we love to have fun while we do it  
  • Passion for Curiosity and Growth
    Each day we encounter new challenges and opportunities, maintaining a learning orientation and a growth mindset are deep in the fabric of our organizational DNA
  • Celebrate Resourcefulness
    The road to success is difficult and demands relentless innovation.  That’s why every win, big or small, is cause for celebration
  • Future-Oriented
    We believe in those who are passionate about innovation because we believe in the future of (an exceptional) South Alabama
  • Opening Doors Mindset
    Each of us has something that we can use to serve others. Whenever possible, open the door for others so that they can make the next step forward in their journey
  • Love South Alabama
    This region is our
    why. This city breathes authenticity into every aspect of life.  We embrace anyone who chooses to call South Alabama home.
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