Where are you now?


    Materializing Ideas

    The earliest stage of a startup is an idea lingering in your mind. Whether you are just putting pencil to paper, building a prototype, or launching your beta software, Innovation Portal will help you to focus on the right tasks at the right time. We leverage our network of mentors and subject matter experts to test your idea and work towards a product-market fit.


    Validating Concepts

    An idea for a startup enters the concept phase through meticulous testing and constant iteration. Innovation Portal will help entrepreneurs refine prototypes and processes in order to be market-ready on launch day. Be prepared for regular meetings with our team as we work to make your venture more efficient and effective.


    Accelerating Ventures

    An operating startup in the venture phase will work to rapidly scale their company by successfully launching new products, preparing for investment, managing spinoff ventures, or closing funding rounds. Innovation Portal Ventures will receive increased access to mentors, subject matter experts, and donated hours and services from local professionals.