Name your business -> Reserve the name: Business.Services@sos.alabama.govdomesticEntityNameReservation.pdf – $28

 Set up a mailing address

 Form your business: business-entities – $200

  Get a federal tax ID number (EIN)

  Complete the City of Mobile Business Application – once your complete this form a Revenue Examiner will be assigned to walk you through the process of completing all the necessary steps to do business with the city & county (This process varies depending on the type of business)

  Secure a domain name

 Set up an email address w/ domain name – consider Google Workspace

 Create a business bank account

  Get business insurance

 Create a logo and select brand elements

  Create a website (at least a homepage or landing page to start)

  Create accounts on appropriate social media platforms

 Submit your site to Google -> Verify on search console -> Update knowledge panel – consider using Squarespace

  Utilize an email marketing platform like Mailchimp and begin building our distribution list

  Create a press release announcing your company’s formation, send to all media outlets and your distribution list


  Register to do business in other states

  Set up an accounting management software (Quickbooks, etc)

  Retain a lawyer

 Trademark your name or file patents 

Download a Copy Here!